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The "lifeline box" is a suicide prevention tool. The content consists of emergency numbers and a skillset for mental health emergencies, as well as a helpful resource collection for people with recurring suicidal thoughts. By placing the boxes in public places, communication about the topic is stimulated. The "lifeline box" thus also makes a small contribution to reducing the stigma, which in turn helps to prevent suicide. The boxes will be positioned at suicide hotspots (e.g. bridges, railway tracks) and other places (e.g. libraries).


What is inside?


  • 2 The ammonia ampoules
  • very hot candies
  • sharp hedgehog ball
  • a small stuffed animal
  • soap bubbles
  • emergency card
  • help numbers
  • a bracelet
  • Life Anchor Booklet
  • Workbook
  • 6 Posters


build your own box

download the following items and print them (e.g. in a copy shop or a professional print company (or simply at home)


English Poster Lebensbox
PDF – 18,9 MB 64 Downloads


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